Statement of Use / Extension of Time

Once the U.S. Trademark Office issues a Notice of Allowance for your trademark application, you have six (6) months to either 1) Use your trademark in commerce and submit a Statement of Use, or 2) Request a six (6) month extension of time to file a Statement of Use. If you fail to file a Statement of Use or a Request for Extension by the deadline, the U.S. Trademark Office will abandon your trademark application. Allow an experienced trademark attorney to assist you with your filing.

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    Service Includes:
  • Attorney Representation
  • Attorney prepares your filing
  • Electronic filing with the USPTO
  • Attorney of record for your application
  • Services provided by Classic Counsel, P.C.†
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Statement of Use
  • Legal Fee $250.00 (1st class)
  • Legal Fee $150.00 (each additional class)
  • Government Fee $100.00 (per class)
Extension of Time
  • Legal Fee $175.00 (1st class)
  • Legal Fee $100.00 (each additional class)
  • Government Fee $125.00 (per class)

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