Trademark Watch

Attention Trademark Owners: Only you can protect your trademark. Approximately 5,000 new trademark applications are filed each week at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The Trademark Watch service monitors these trademark applications, and notifies you of any new trademark application that potentially infringes your trademark.

Services offered and provided by law firm Classic Counsel, P.C.†, subject to conflict check and Limited Scope of Engagement.

    Service Includes:
  • Monitoring of USPTO for conflicting trademarks
  • Monitoring of USPTO for pending trademark applications
  • Reports emailed to you monthly
  • Services provided by Classic Counsel, P.C.†
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  • Only minutes to complete the online questionnaire
  • Custom monitoring based on your specifications
  • Detailed reports emailed to you monthly
Trademark Watch



Services provided by law firm Classic Counsel, P.C.†

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